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The department is by run by Mrs G Woods and supported by Miss M Dreiser.


The department offers a broad based curriculum in Art, Craft and Design that provides students with the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions and across a wide range of media, techniques and processes.  

Projects draw on student’s personal experiences, their immediate surroundings, first-hand observation and their own imaginations.

Key Stage 3 Students follow a structured curriculum that, through the basic elements of art, craft and design, enables them to develop their creativity, their skills and their enjoyment of the subject.

Key Stage 4 Students follow the GCSE Edexcel Unendorsed syllabus in Art and Design.  Over the two years, they complete three units of work.  Unit one is directed by the department; unit two offers personal choice and unit three is an externally set timed test.

 Key Stage 5 Students follow the AS Edexcel Unendorsed syllabus in Art and Design.  They are introduced to the course through both a print-making brief and a drawing unit. Following a common starting point, set in the summer prior to the course beginning, they are encouraged to develop their own individual interests through a broad range of disciplines.  With a starting point this year based around London, students collected a wealth of photographic research and contextual references over the summer holidays to provide a springboard for their work.

Resources The department is very well resourced with two dedicated rooms together with a sixth-form study area. There is excellent access to IT, including computer work stations, digital cameras, image manipulation software, two data projectors and graphics tablets.

The department is well stocked with visual resources and a wide collection of reference books.  (The library additionally has an excellent collection of art books.)  Both rooms are set up for 3D and 2D work, including print-making, clay, plaster, paint and mixed-media.

Extra Curricular The department offers two weekly Art clubs providing students with opportunities to complete homework, to develop and/or complete class-work or to work on self-directed projects.

 Visits At the very start of year 9, all students visit the BritishMuseum to gather first-hand research.  Based on  the theme of  “Other Worlds”, they work across three design projects including drawing, print making and clay.  This is an excellent opportunity for the students to get involved in the resourcing of their project and to discover the wealth of artefacts available to them from across the globe.

The department runs a biennial trip to New York for Key Stage 4 and 5.  This includes visits to the Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim and cultural highlights such as Ellis Island, the ChryslerBuilding and a sporting event such as ice hockey.  

We also take part in a creative lectures programme at the Institute of Education which has , over the past few years, included talks by Anthony Gormley, Cornelia Parker and Quentin Blake.

In addition to this, the department exhibits work each summer at the Mall Galleries as part of The National Students’ Art Competition.