The curriculum reflects the aims of the school and seeks to promote the intellectual, personal, aesthetic, moral, social and physical development of students and to prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.

At all levels of the school, students are carefully monitored in every subject through a system of target-setting. Attainment targets, generated using prior attainment data, are shared with the students and progress is monitored and measured against those targets through the marking of assignments and homework and the formal assessments conducted by departments each half term. Progress in these assessments is reported to parents via our online reporting system and checked regularly by Heads of Departments, Heads of Year and the Leadership Team.

Please visit the Departments section of the website for further details on subject specific curricula.

For details of the qualifications offered at the school please look in the appropriate options booklet below:

GCSE options book

A level options book for entry in September 2020


Parents are welcome to meet with senior staff at the school if they would like more information about their child's curriculum.