E-Safety for Students

Here you will find links to the CEOP and the Think U Know websites as well as E-Safety newsletters and policies.  You will also be able to report any incidents confidentially by completing our anonymous online form which will be available shortly.  The school’s E-Safety officer is currently Mr Curwen. Please email him  with regards to any E-Safety issues.

Below you will find an information sheet which gives some basic information on e-safety and internet use:

Information Sheet

The Hertfordshire Grid for learning povide an excellent termly newsletter.  

Hertfordshire Grid Parent Carer Newsletter Spring 2021

Our school E-Safety Policy has recently been updated.  Please have a read through of this important document as it contains some important information.

School E-Safety Policy

Below you will also find our acceptable use policy.  Your form tutor has been through this with you but please ensure that you read through this as ignorance is not an excuse!

Acceptable Use Policy

The school has also sought to enhance student knowledge on S-Safety and E-Safety issues.  With this in mind the link below will give you access to a short educational resource which will help students keep up to date.

Online E-Safety Training

PSHE plays an important part in educating pupils in E-Safety.  Below you will find a link to our school PSHE pages where you will find information on E-Safety as well as resources from your PSHE lessons.

PSHE Resources

Radicalisation via the internet is ever increasing and students need to be vigilant in looking out for any signs of this. The school takes its responsibilities with regards to this very seriously.  Check out this website which   encourages discussion around this issue.

Radicalisation and E-Safety

Lastly all students should be aware of the possible sanctions that can be imposed if a student decides to break the schools E-Safety rules.  Below you will find a document which looks at infringements and suggested outcomes.

E-Safety School Sanctions

E-Safety in the news:

Students need to ensure that they are aware of E-Safety news and issues.  Below you will find a news feed linked to the website E-Safety Support which will provide up to date news articles.