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BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students across the UK the opportunity to research and produce their own news reports for a real audience.


Read all about it! Our team of intrepid reporters worked hard to develop and write their articles on Thursday 16th March 2017, all about women's issues. You can read the boys' finished articles below.


The boys also created a video about feminism and gender equality. Please view this here.


The big change in views - Aarush

Women in male dominated fields - Amaan

Discrimination against the hijab - Aryan

Women and girls in grassroots football - Charley

Feminism improves everyone's lives - Dan and Zac

Mind the Gap! The gender pay gap in banking - Dom

Feminine: science or stereotype? - Ewan

Tampons: necessity or luxury? - Fineas

The rising battle between feminism and religion - Jamie

Women in sport - a long way from an equal playing field - Kelsey

Segregation on the shelf: the gender split in toyshops and its role in reinforcing sterotypesLuke

Technology: helping or hindering gender equality? - Parth

The foe of feminism: the time machine that is taking us back 100 years - Saksham

The evolution of women's perception of fashion and beauty in the last centuryTolga


Our reporters

BBC News School Report Journalists 2017

Dom – Watford Boys Grammar School, interested in politics, news and technology.

Kelsey - Good books, music and Twitter will keep me happy for an eternity.

Charley -15 - Only ever think about Arsenal and Guns and Roses.

Aarush - 2017 + 14+ Cricket Player + Piano + Viola + Politics + Enthusiastic news reader.

Tolga - Y10 - 15 - Football - Chelsea FC - Tennis - Watford.


Luke - Student, Creative, Drummer, Runner, Gamer, Historian, Cartographer, Topographer,  Cryptologist, Etymologist, Typographer, Neologist.

Fineas -Y10-15-Musician-Relaxed-Calm-Fan of Federer

Saksham -Y9-2017+Cricket Enthusiast+Novice Actor+Swimmer+Likes tech.

Ewan -Y10-14 + Watford + rugby player + Avid reader + eager runner + blunt writer + brimming with joy.

Zac – 16 years old –L6 – ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear’ – Martin Luther King Jr. – Classical Musician – Film Enthusiast.

Amaan -Y10-14 + Watford + Hockey Player + Enthusiastic Reader + Professional arguer + below average at most things + modest.

James -15, enjoy watching and playing sports, and am interested in history and politics.

Parth - Y10 - 15 - swimming - reading - gaming & drawing.

Thomas - Maths + Arsenal + Tennis + Table Tennis + Tuba + Cuber + Writer.


L6 mentors

Dan - Watford - 16 -L6 - Arsenal fan - Political enthusiast - Avid reader.

Zac – 16 years old –L6 – ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear’ – Martin Luther King Jr. – Classical Musician – Film Enthusiast.

Finlay -L6 – Watford - Watford fan - keen reader - high aspirations - visionist of the free world -  music listener.

Ameya– L6- Watford Grammar School for Boys- Avid Reader – Food Enthusiast – A Bamboozling Fellow.