Student Testamonials


“The transition from my old school was easy to make as everyone I met was friendly and welcoming, and all the staff were supporting and approachable. Being in the sixth form is a big step up from GCSEs. The extra free periods, and the group and private study areas in the sixth form centre are very useful for staying on top of your work. All the teachers are very friendly and have been a huge help. I’m really glad I made the move.”

Chukwuebuka, Year 12

“The transition from Year 11 to sixth form was immense. However, the school has done everything in its power to prepare us for the next two years. There is the perfect balance between freedom and guidance, and sixth formers have study areas in which they can revise and work, away from the commotion of the lower school.”

Ayo, Year 12

“Watford Boys is an excellent school with a plethora of academic and extra-curricular activities. The sixth form is extremely welcoming and everything you do directs you to having the best application for university, whilst also helping you develop social skills. The teachers and existing students have welcomed me with open arms so I feel just as much part of the school as those who have been here since Year 7.”

Khayyam, Year 12

“I am extremely pleased by the nurturing environment and modern facilities Watford Boys has provided since I transitioned from my previous school. The leaders provide immense assistance throughout the year, and I already feel supported in thinking about my options after leaving school.”

Daaniyal, Year 12