Fathers Book Club

On behalf of the The English Department I would like to invite all fathers to participate in the WBGS Fathers’ Book Club.

The Fathers’ Book Club is an opportunity to get together to chat about a book. At the end of each meeting, another book is suggested for the next half-term.  Meetings are very informal and friendly, please be assured you won’t have to sit at a desk, sit a test or listen to a lecture by a teacher. 

Research shows that boys read when they see their fathers reading, which is why we are making it a men-only affair. So we particularly wish to extend this invitation to those of you who may not have picked up a book for a few years.

We have been running the Fathers’ Book Club for 17 years and it is always great to see new faces at the start of the year. Feel free to try it out once! I look forward to meeting some of you.

Mr Jim MacLeod
Deputy Headmaster

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each half term at 7pm in the Pavilion Room of the Sports Centre.

Books for 2023 - 2024

October 2023: Money – Martin Amis

January 2024: Klara and the Sun – Kazuo Ishiguru

February 2024: The Book of Laughter and Forgetting – Milan Kundera

April 2024: The Story of Lucy Gault – William Trevor

June 2024: The Luzhin Defense – Vladimir Nabokov

September 2024: The Daughter of Time – Josephine Tey