About Catering at WBGS

As of September 2023, Aramark provide the catering services at Watford Grammar School for Boys.

Please read an introduction from Aramark and find out about what they offer here:

An Introduction from Aramark

See the menus on offer

Catering Pricing 

(Please note these prices are correct as of September 2023 and may be subject to change):


Paninis Vegetarian £2.45

Paninis Meat £2.65

Pizza Slab £1.85

Selection of Savoury  vegetarian and meat pastries from £1.35- £1.65

Sandwiches /baguettes/wraps from £1.65 - £2.65

Pasta vegetarian option £2.20

Vegetarian small grab & go hot items 80p -£1.20


Pizza Wedge £1.65

Vegetarian  Pasta dish £2.20

Main Course M or vegetarian £2.40

Meal deal main or vegetarian £3

Concept theme area £3


Selection of Fresh fruit and cold desserts from 65p - £1.4