Modern Foreign Languages News october 2022

20 Oct 2022

Many congratulations to Aarav, Ali, Jack, Joel, Matei and Sajan who are our very first Language Ambassadors at Watford Boys. Throughout the year, they will support and assist the Languages Department as well as promote languages within school as well as our local community.
Their first mission-earlier in October- was to welcome Angela, Clotilde and Nicholas, respectively our Spanish, French and German assistants. During the Open Morning, they supervised our cafe- dressed for the occasion- and ran the stack the cup activity. It became a very serious matter and rapidly turned into a fierce competition between staff, students and guests and every second counted for your name on the leaderboard.

They all did a sterling job and everyone was impressed.
We look forward to working with the team and are already planning our next event, which will take place around Christmas time.

Modern Foreign Languages Week

In the MFL department we had an exciting week during the last week in September. We were celebrating languages, there were assemblies and a variety of competitions and activities, and all year 7-9 boys were asked to complete language challenges. There was a French breakfast and boys could play boules at lunchtime. There was also a QR Code treasure hunt for year 9 and year 7 were encouraged to enter the model making competition. All in all a brilliant time was had by all. 


Mrs Twyford
Head of Modern Foreign Languages