Hans Wyoda

14 Dec 2022

HANS WOYDA 2022-2023 - Round 2

Well done to the Hans Woyda team, Rupert, Ray, Jakub and Azhar for an excellent performance on Tuesday 15th Nov, achieving a great win against Berkhamsted - two matches, two victories so far, well on track for making it to the knockouts of the main competition!!

Ms Glypti


HANS WOYDA 2022-2023 - Round 2 -  MATCH REPORT by Jakub Skop (L6)

On Tuesday 15th Nov we competed in our second round of Hans Woyda against Berkhamsted School, this time with a different team: Rupert Zabihi, Ray Chen, Jakub Skop and Azhar Nayyar. Here's how it went:


The match started off slow, both teams finding the starters tricky, often only losing the points with small arithmetic mistakes; However Berkhamstead managed to edge a 2 point lead, leaving the score 8-6 to them.


Working in pairs, we had some interesting questions involving 2d pyramids - the Yr12-13s , whose question involved rotating this structure, were unfortunately only off by a factor of 2. However, thanks to our lower years we managed to regain our 2 point deficit and ended the round neck and neck.


Like in our last round, our opposition let us go first. This didn't mean much however, as we managed to score many points, with many takeback points in the second half. We finished the round ahead by 3 points.


Probably one of the most enjoyable team questions we've seen in a while, involving find loops of numbers, no patterns popped out to us straight away, leading us to brute force the solutions. the both teams scored highly, but we managed to find 23 loops, enough to land us the max 8 points and Berkhamsted 6.


This round was a real turning point for us; the questions which involved conversions between prices and weights, were answered correctly by all of us, while only Berkhamstead's Yr13 managed to get any points.


Berkhamsted started this round with 2 correct answers, and 2 wrong ones which we stole sucessfully. The second half mirrored the first, with us getting 2 wrong answers from 4, but it helped that our opponents didn't steal anything back. Our lead at this point was very comfortable, although we didn't know that, and so going in to the race round there was a lot of tension.


Either tired or stressed, the performance of both teams had fallen a little in this round - a total of 4 points for us, netted by our Yr12 and Yr9, and 6 for Berkhamsted. That wasn't quite enough to equalise for them however.


The final score was 43-32, a great and solid win for WBGS. It's clear to see by this round that the earlier rounds are somewhere we need to work on, but other than a brilliant performance all-round.

Many thanks to Ms Glypti, who organised the match and transported us to Berkhamsted, where we had great hosts who also deserve mentioning.

Jakub Skop (L6)