House News - Captains 2022-23

9 Feb 2023

Belated congratulations to our team of 40 House Captains, 5 per House, appointed in the Autumn term and selected from the many Year 12 students applying for this role. Our House Captains support the Year 13 Senior Prefects with their fund raising for charity, regularly popping into the forms for younger students in their House to promote the charity events and also to find out the views of younger students in areas such as provision for lunchtime societies or clubs, and online safety.

The House Captains run termly House Assemblies, most recently in this last week before half term where they have promoted and explained the school’s well-being curriculum themes of initiative and respect for this term.

They have also been promoting the re-launch of our school House badges which students can wear on their blazer or jacket lapel – they will be on sale after half term, via Parentpay, for £2.00 with all profits from sales going to our charities.

Mrs Groves
Sixth Form / Assistant Head