MFL February News Update

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9 Feb 2023

At the end of last term the year 12 Spanish and French students had 2 film evenings with music and of course delicious Spanish and French food was on offer.

This term has been very busy in French, German and Spanish clubs.

The boys in German club have been preparing for the exciting Oxford German Olympiad. They listened to a poem by an Austrian poet and then drew the animals from the poem and then found a recipe containing these interesting ingredients.

In French club they celebrated L’épiphanie where the boys sampled a Galette des rois which is a special almond cake with a crown for the king

(the one who finds the charm in the cake). On the 2 February it was la Chandleur and we had pancakes. The boys have enjoyed quizzes and playing many exciting games all in French of course.

In Spanish club they have been playing vocabulary games, eating Spanish food, singing songs and learning about Spanish people.

The boys are benefiting from the expertise of our 3 lovely assistants (Clotilde, Niklas and Angela, pictured here) who not only help run the clubs and speaking classes but also have individual lessons with sixth form students.

Mrs Twyford